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What is EPUB?

EPUB (also written as ePub, ePUB, epub, or EPub) is short for electronic publication. Files have the extension .epub. EPUB is an e-book standard that makes it possible to optimize text for display on different e-readers. Books in iBooks are published using the EPUB standard.

Why convert files or webpages to EPUB for reading on the iPad?

Unconverted files and webpages are static, meaning you cannot use the interactive features of iBooks when reading them on the iPad. Files and webpages that have been converted to EPUB format can be opened and read in iBooks; you can also use all of the features of iBooks, including dictionary, highlighting, etc.

Converting PDFs and Word documents is a free online EPUB converter. Upload PDFs, Word documents, or .txt files (other file types are supported as well), and 2EPUB will convert the file to EPUB. You can then post the converted file to your class page, where students will be able to download and open it in iBooks on the iPad.

Saving database articles as EPUB files