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The Forman School library partners with the state of CT to provide you access to top-notch databases.  Why? 


1. Less TIME

databases have searching shortcuts to get you more accurate results in less time

2. Less EFFORT

the reliability and up-to-dated-ness (relevancy) of information you find in a database is less doubtful then something you find online AND some offer you a citation for your bibliography


using a database shows your teacher that you are looking for more academic sources and relying on other scholars/experts in the topic area


See what four other high school students have to say -




First - did you sign up for your public library card with the Oliver Wolcott library? If you are not on campus, you need a card to access the databases. Use this image to fill in the correct SCHOOL information -


Video Instructions:


Written Instructions:

Go to ResearchIT CT

On the left hand column menu, click on "For High Schools" (you could also try again with "For Colleges & Universities")

This will show you a page with seven categories of databases 

Choose a category to look at closer that IS or is closest to the topic you are researching

(ex. if you are doing a history paper, you might choose the History & Biography section)

Under that category, read the names of the databases and choose one that might work for you.

(if you do NOT know, a quick online search for [the title of a database] + overview or + introduction might help)


Click on that database and you will be asked to enter your library card number. 

Once you do so, you will be taken to that database's homepage to begin your research.





Video Instructions:



For Primary Sources:




* If you open a YOUTUBE VIDEO in youtube, there is an option to open a TRANSCRIPT if you want to read vs listen.


Written Instructions:


Video Instructions:

ALWAYS Advanced Search 


REFINE Your Results



Written Instructions:

For a BIG and BROAD topic search.... 

Instead use this ONE SEARCH DATABASE from researchIT CT:

This is the icon for researchIT CT with a search box and if you click on it, will take you to the website to do a search

ONE SEARCH will search for your terms in ALL of the databases that researchIT CT has to offer. It is GOOGLE...but for databases! 

This will give you a TON of results - be sure to use some REFINING TOOLS (limiters) to narrow them down:

(These are on the left hand side, in a column on the results page)

                                                this is an image of some of the categories you can use to limit your results, so you have less to look at. it includes full text, peer reviews, and a moveable timeline for a time range                                              this is an image of more categories to narrow your results, and includes source types (news, magazines, etc..) and others like Subject, Publisher, Language, and more


You can also do an ADVANCED SEARCH, which will allow you to narrow down your results BEFORE and AFTER you enter your terms and hit search: 

This is the researchIT CT logo again, but pointing out it also has an advanced search you can use then               this is an image of what an advanced search looks like - instead of one search box there are THREE and you can specify where the database should look for each term in sources 




this is the advanced search image again, but pointing out an ADDITIONAL advanced search option to give you MORE categories to narrow your results down before the search is performed